Nice – Bus

Nice – Bus

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For this day, due to failing weather conditions, I have planned a bus trip.

For this in Nice you have a choice of modes, you have the small white choo choo bus, shaped like a train, favoured by very old and very young. Views aren’t great from the choo choo bus, pasengers simply have to satify themselves that they are making a spectacle and crawl along at exhaust pipe level until they reach their destination.

Alternative two is the big bus, the bus with no roof, what i call the bugger bus. If you have little else to do, you may find yourself on this bus, which is not in itself a bad thing to do. Headphones keep you company throughout your journey, and you are free to come and go, board and disembark as you please.

Below is a picture of this bugger bus and a view from across the port in Nice. I found the journey pleasing, the only thing I would recomend is that if you are planning to journey on the B bus get your ticket early on in the day this way you can get on and off many times at the points of interest. i.e. make a day of it.

B bus

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