Nice – Museums

Nice – Museums

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Modern Art

Nice has its fair share of Musuems. Due to failing weather, I felt that these museums would be a worthy way to while away the hours.
Kitting myself with cagoule, camera and other shoes and stuff I set out bright and early to this museum of one of the most famous artists who has hailed from Nice. That famous artist Matisse.

Taking the bus, not the bugger bus, but a normal one no. 15 or 17, (for those bus spotters out there), up to the important stop which is Cimiez Monastry. This was quick and effective and took me to the top of the steep hills which sorround Nice in little time or effort.

There where 3 museums to see on the way back into town. These three museums where:
The Musée Matisse
The Musée Marc Chagall
The Musée d’art Moderne et Contemporain.

Without going to much into boring detail. There were all worth visiting, especial if the weather ain’t great. The best, I thought, was the Musée d’art Moderne et Contemporain, becuase it had such mad and varied displays.

I also went to another museum, that was the musuem of Asian art.

These i usually find really interesting because
a) we stole all the stuff of them and they can’t get it back.
b) because their cultures are different.

At this museum they gave you a funky headphone which would tell you stories as you wandered from statue to statue. This i found on reflecting made the whole expreince much more valuable and wandered what was the point in having those little bits of paper next to things when they don’t tell you anything at all.

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