Nimes Town

Nimes Town

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Nimes is a town much like any other in France, Tours, Poitiers etc. French atmosphere and culture, plus, with Nimes, you get few historical sites thrown in for good measure.

The Pont-du-Gare, is easily accessible from regular buses from Nimes, and due to its status as an UNESCO site, entry is free to most of the site.

Nimes also has an amphitheatre which you can get in for 3e. They still hold concerts there.

Nimes Town

Nimes town itself has character.

An old town centre with many shops, I found it relaxing. The old town circled by a ring road, and the central district pedestrianised. This meant that travelling was easy.

Navigating the variety of shops and resteruants was possible from the station, or my ‘Cat’ hotel without any difficulty, everything was close.


One was good, at the Irish pub oposite my hotel. The other I found a gaint cockroach lurking behind one of the French posters, just it’s cockroach tentacles flailing around. My unwelcome guest put me off and i left without pudding.

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