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Have left Nimes behind.
Am now in Cote D’azur proper – Cassis, as in Crémé de Cassis.

Just south of Marseille between the mountains and the sea. For those that don’t like the town of Marseille, don’t worry, the mountains have acted as barrier keeping out the smells of the city.

the fogCassis Town Centre
The town centre is focussed around a small port area which is surrounded by shops.

I am staying in the hotel Centre Ville & at 71e per night is almost double what I was paying at good old ‘Cat’ hotel.

Location is good, right on the front and the rooms are quite and clean.

Seems to be an amount of Americans, verbalising at different points through town. Would have thoguht the GWB stuff would have kept them in the ‘homeland’.
Haven’t seen any other backpackery, travelly, youth types. Maybe later.

The Fog. There is an eary sea fog on town today. I’ve captured it in the picture below, this may attract those of you who are interested in natural weatherographic conditions or cloud watchers (i know you’re out there).

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