Cassis – Vive le France

Cassis – Vive le France

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Have realised in Cass the importance of being French, where this is not possible, you will have difficulties.

Things have changed in France since my last visit 4 years ago. Then the French would attempt to communicate in English where you make the effort. Obviously now it seems due to our diplomatic naughtiness, this is no longer the case.

French must be spoken at all times.

Underlying French attitudes have shifted in a similar direction.

Cassis was not unfriendly as much as unpleasant, which didn’t really make it a worthwhile place to spend any time.

One thought on “Cassis – Vive le France

  1. Hi Michael !
    I’m Mikhaël from Saint-Raphaël, desperatly french, not talking a single word of english and I’m sorry to tell you that you are definitively right about those stupid french people.
    As I told you, I’m french, but my mother was russian and so I authorize myself to take a little big distance with my “compatriotes”.
    Sorry you did not meet me, we could have spoken, as you like, english, russian, german, and in lethal case… french !
    Come and see us. I’m a painter and I expose my works around the harbour in Saint-Raphaël every sunday, and every night on july and august.

    Best regards, Mikhaël
    [email protected]

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