Currently staying at the Hilton, Stansted.

Last couple of times I stayed at the Radisson, Stansted. But the food is better at Hilton.

Wine Tower
The Radisson Stansted has like a colossal column, a wine tower, which a girl slides up and down attached to ropes.

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Due to shitness in the UK I’m moving to Hungary.

For the next week this blog, my blog, will guide the visitor through the considerations and practicalities of seeking property in Hungary.



The CPS should invite Punch and Judy to provide character witness, on the cash for honours investigation, more bombastic headlines that way.

To help us believe justice is being done..

Lord Goldsmith has invited a lawyer, independent, probably out of the yellow pages, to share in his, probably, large expenses bill for the whole affair.

Any court judge at High Court level court preside over this case, out of 106 to choose from, why Goldsmith with a conflict of interest?

Punch And Judy

If there’s money to be made, why can’t we all get involved??

Check Mate

Check Mate

Small Penis
Little Penis


It’s often said that men with small penis’s run the word.

This man’s penis must be heading up the database.

Small Penis
Man with little penis


A penis of size is a penis of power.

Penis from the air


The penis has brought much humour, from school where a cheeky penis could be drawn on a classmates work, or a large hairy penis on the blackboard for an unsuspecting teacher to reveal during lesson. (He! He!)

The unfortunate in possession of the inadequate penis, inferior in size have to learn to ‘make do’ with their wee winky.

Down the ages men with large penis’s have created civilisations, those with weeny ones sought to destroy them.

So in this time of strife, it is time for all men to look down and ask themselves on which side do they fall.