Chistchurch Notaries

Chistchurch Notaries

Christchurch was established by a number of notaries setting up the church, council and attracting settlers to the new lifestyle.

Robert GodleyRobert Godley
Known as the “Founder of Canterbury”.
Educated at Harrow, and later Christ College, Oxford, Godley used travel experience in America and Ireland to encourage and develop those administrative and industrial aspects which would work for New Zealand.

Benjamin MountfortBenjamin Mountfort
Responsible for Christchurch’s notable Gothic style, which can be seen throughout the Civic, educational and religious buildings which make up the historical backbone of the city.
Benjamin Mountfort arrived on one of the first 4 founding ships and was party to the colonial settlement plans which led to the development of Christchurch.

Kate SheppardKate Sheppard
Christchurch born, Kate Sheppard here pictured on the $10 note is responsible for making New Zealand the first country in the world to give women equal rights in 1893.

Walking tour of Canterbury

Walking tour of Canterbury

Ferrier Fountain, Kilmore StreetFerrier Fountain, Christchurch
Christchurch Millenium ChaliceChristchurch Millenium Chalice
Spent today with a walking tour, taking in the various sites in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Christchurch was a boggy land home to the first batch of settlers in New Zealand.
First settled by a small number of Maouris, then later on the English, there is evidence of English architecture everywhere. The early adminstrative buildings were built in a style with some raw materials originating locally and others being shipped in which gives the place a dignified air for it’s relative size.

Victoria Square, Floral Clock



Have landed in New Zealand, Christchurch. Flew over with Virgin Blue.

Bought a camera in duty-free.

It’s a Canon Eos 350D. An entry level SLR.

Paid ?528 for the camera, battery, case and 2gb memory. Slightly cheaper than you’d find in the high street in the UK.

If you want to go to Pixmania you can get it cheaper, but you get all the manuals in French.

Here’s a picture.
Canon Eos 350D

I’ll be taking the more detailed shots with this one. I’ve found the flash on portables to be really poor under normal conditions.

I’ve still got the pentax optio s5i from Tykeblog south America.

Bought it in Costa Rica, when I got sand in my old one in Rio de Janerio.

I can put this in my pocket and walk around for random, round-town shots.

So. I’m all set.