Welcome 2007

Welcome 2007

So this is the year that it all happens.

Can’t get any worse.
After visiting China and Russia last year and Touring north and south America the year before, things are finally looking up.

In 2007, I’ll have a home of my own and a taste of something like a future.

Lodging at the Crown Plaza – Canberra

Lodging at the Crown Plaza – Canberra

I am lodging at the Crown Plaza, Canberra.

Been here for a couple of days. The weather is a lot better here.

Mostly sunny, the odd shower. Wonder what it’s like in the UK.


Spent a concerned few hours touring the administrative tracts of the old and new parliament buildings which are housed here.

Australia is very like Brazil in that the colonials took a hand in developing the countries infrastructure.
Canberra is built on a giant lake. Amongst some hills.
It was a one-pub town before the damming of the river.
The aussies built Canberra so it wasn’t possible to attack it from the air. Having calculated the exact flight ranges of aeroplanes at the time and factoring in sea defenses. It was a military decision.

Went out and sampled the finer features of Canberra’s nightlife last night. Took a few good Aussie beers.
Also little ‘scooners’ which they sometimes use.

The one with the micro-brewery called Wig & Pen Tavern is the best. There were many others. The experience was a good one.

Crown Plaza - Canberra



Spent for as long as I can remember (about 2 weeks) designing new pages for lpx.

They incorporate php code and css code both of which I have learned over the past year.
Php I learnt out of a book.
It cost me a tenner.
Css I had to go on courses to learn, slightly more complicated. Next year I will get started on the XML which stands out as probably the most technical broad ranging, easily the most boring and un-inspiring.
eXtensible Markup Language to give it it’s proper name.
All db applications nowadays work in xml.

You can check my new pages here.

The fine tuning is yet to be done.

If you have any suggestions let me know.

The spirit of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas

Re-vitalise Iraq.
Sponsor an Iraqi.
I wonder if you could buy, Iraq.

Like a virtual world where you could float around and nothing was reel. Wow!

Free of constraints, new world entrepreneur have been quick to move in there and stake their claim.

Feel Godd Factor
Feeling good about giving Iraq back to the Iraqi’s some time soon, perhaps for Christmas.

I think we chucked them a few quid a while back.

Mysterious virtual world.

Wishing you a merry Christmas the people of Iraq.

Make a wish