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Have made it to Sihanoukville, Cambodia’s most happening party town.

On the coast, it was some 5 hours from the capital. When I arrived, it was night-time. Which gave me a slightly bad impression, having been tired and lost and whatnot.

I woke up and had a walk around, took my laundry in on my motorbike. It all seemed a lot cleaner, less drunk people and hippies, and altogether, a much more wholesome place to stay.

Cheap Hotel

I’m staying at the ‘GOlden Star’. And it seems very good and is located pretty close to Serendipity beach, maybe a 15 minute walk away.

Yesterday, I took my motorbike and had a look at the various beaches, of which there are 3. I’m located on the busiest one, Serendipity. It’s were most of the partying and drinking, eating and sleeping go on.

Local Islands – Koh Rong, Koh Thas and Koh Rong Sanaloem

Today, I’m taking a boat trip to visit various islands, which seem to make up the mainstay of ‘activities’ in the area.

Koh Rong, Koh Thas and Koah Rung – a day trip for $20.

Advertised as having fishing, snorkeling and lunch provided from Romny Tours.

Lunch was provided well enough, the fishing was non-existent, and there were not enough snorkels to go around.

Otherwise, a very relaxing day.

Here’s some pictures to a boat trip to the 3 islands.Koh Rong Island IMG_0921 Koh Rong Island Sihanoukville
Tomorrow, I will be moving on to another one of the towns. Kampot.

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