Phnom Penh girlie bars

Phnom Penh girlie bars

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Have arrived and had a look round.

There have been a few things to sort out, such as unloading the unwanted items from my luggage. Sorting Credit cards and phones out, and getting my haircut.

Yesterday was the first day I really did any touristy things.

Girlie bars

There are so many of these in Phnom Pehn. Yesterday was a national holiday, and many of them were very quite.

An ideal time to look around.

I’m not really into girlie bars, I find them a little gratuitous and disingenuous, and generally, difficult places to relax.

Shanghai Bar

One of the better ones is Shanghai Bar. It’s got 3 floors. Of course you are approached by ladies straight away, you can buy them a drink if you want to chat with them.

It seems the women in here made me feel more relaxed. I told them I was a tourist, rather than a sex-tourist. It was just a chat with a drink, but obviously the offer of more, if you wanted to do that.

The other bars I went to were more hardcore. Probably the most being the Walkabout. The fact the bar-woman tried to short change me for drinks and other stuff gave it a more business-like feel.

After some wandering round, I had some sushi and decided to try out the,

Pontoon club.

This is just of the strip near to the heart of darkness, which is probably THE most famous bar/pub/club in the whole of Phnom Pehn.

There were various nationalities in various states or repair wandering round. Bit’s and pieces going on here and there.

Good music, fairly modern.

Felt like a different vibe entirely, cosy and fun

Not needed

I ended up not using any of the girlie phrases included in my previous post.

But that’s there just for reference, in case you ever need to use it.

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