Pyramids – Egypt

Pyramids – Egypt

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Giza to be exact.

Had a two hour drive from Alexandria along a refreshingly safe, (by Egyptian standards), toll road. People weren’t overtaking and undertaking at the same time while beeping their horns like the organised chaos of Alexandria.

Of course, all that came to an end as soon as we reached Cairo and the incessant lane changing and horn sounding began, again. Bonza.

Mena house Oberoi

Found this hotel. It’s right outside the Pyramids and it looks like I can walk from the car.

Here’s a view from my window.

Oberoi - Mena House Hotel Egypt
Mena House Hotel

The Mena House Oberoi costs 155 euro per night. Reasonable but without breakfast. I’ve got laundry to do tomorrow, and the concierge tells me there isn’t one in this area, plus Giza is 2 or 3 miles out of Cairo proper so I may be seeking accommodation nearer the centre tomorrow.

Historical Hotel

I’ve just been watching the welcome video, something I seem to be doing more and more nowadays, and it seems the Mena House has a rich and refined history:

This is a shortened list of awards.

  1. Best Hotels for Service in Africa, Middle East and the Indian Ocean (Ranked 3rd) – Condé Nast Traveler, USA, Gold List 2006
  2. Best Hotels in Middle East and Africa (Ranked 5th)-Condé Nast Traveler, Gold List 2004
  3. Best Hotels for Location (Ranked 13th)-Condé Nast Traveller, Gold List 2005
  4. 500 Best Hotels in the World -Travel + Leisure 2003
  5. Most Exclusive Hotels in the World -The Most Exclusive Hotels in the World Guide Book 2003
  6. Best Landscaped Garden in Egypt -Ministry of Environment, Egypt 2002

As well as this Mena House has hosted peace talks, regality, becoming a field hospital during the great wars, building a golf course which is quite funny and very English, if you think about playing 18 holes to a backdrop of the Pyramids.

This is all reflected in with pictures of Churchill, Roosevelt, King Farouk dotted around the place.

Lost on me

My bed was turned down, and they’d left some oranges out for me, and some cookies. Ahhhh.

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