Slovenia – Costs involved

Slovenia – Costs involved

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If you are planning to go to Slovenia expect to take the following basic costs into consideration:


> Flight to and from Ljubljana


Booked through – easyjet

> Accommodations in Ljubljana & Bled (5 nights accommodation)


Booked through –

> 1 Pizza


> 1 Beer


> Bus ticket



> Walking tour


This is assuming you stay in Ljubljana eating beer and pizzas every night. Obviously, the more illustrious your weekend becomes, the more you can expect to pay.

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3 thoughts on “Slovenia – Costs involved

  1. how much does it cost for a packet of ciggies, Tyke? sounds like it might be the cheapest place in Europe.

  2. actually I haven’t had one for about a week now. Have you SEEN the cost of fags in Sydney? And you can’t blag them off the locals as easily as you can in BKK.

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