Stolen bike #1

Stolen bike #1

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Bought it from Auchan last weekend.

Bought a lock and chain for it. Rode it to school for 1 week.

Today, locked it up in front of supermarket in the center of town. In broad daylight.

Came back after about an hour.

It was gone.


After all the mudgards and chains, it cost about 1,400 RMB or about £150.

Rang my contact from the school and informed her. She came down, which was nice, and made out a report with the police. Who offered me an orange.

I declined.

Winter is coming

I’ve had experiences in China before with bikes.

They always get robbed.

I’m going to hang fire on the purchase of a new one.

I still have use of the free ones and one of the locks which I bought, which will have to suffice.

2 thoughts on “Stolen bike #1

  1. What a shame……thieves……they are everywhere in all cultures…….lovely bike too….good that you can use the free bikes….little consulation though…..sounds as if your colleague was kind and helpful…..and the police too….an orange…hmmm delicious 🙂

  2. What a pain, but good to hear that your school contact was helpful. You should have had the orange – filled with vit C, and you may need it 🙂
    Did you get around to buying a warm coat yet, instead? And boots? And gloves?

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