Sunday Meal

Sunday Meal

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Dora, Jerremy, Robine

With some members of Linestart.

Had been out doing interviews at potential new school contract with the other members of Linestart pictured here.

No bad fish

Jerry, Mary, Joyce, Edshel

This was a kind of fish dish, which you have to very careful not to choke to death on. The bones are sharp and plentiful. I’m not usually tempted by this kind of fish, just because of the bad experiences I’ve had in the past (a lot like women). This time I stayed away also.

Spinning table

We had some other dishes on the rotating table, a pork and peppers with Sichuan sauce, bitter cucumber and egg, green beans and chilli’s, as well as some jasmine tea, rice and a prawn and Sichuan sauce style dish.

It was very much like Sichuan.

Didn’t over eat, and went home to do my lesson plans.

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