Support a fledgling artist for Christmas

Support a fledgling artist for Christmas

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Was looking at my favorite websites and discovered this.patreon_site

Support new industries, enterprises and artists.

Yes, if you feel like you have a few quid in your pocket, you can become a benefactor.
All in need of cash, the reward could be a link of their website to offering to write a song for you (that would be nice).

As us in the creative industry know, funding is often a problem to organise and to make consistent.

Choose anything

For $1 per month, you can offer your support.

They have a large database of projects and artists.

I am currently supporting one of my favorite website where the advertisers have pulled out.

You can have a look here

Christmas is coming

As Christmas is coming up, this may be a new and creative way of sourcing that gift that shows u care (aww).

If you wish to support this site, you can do so here

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