Youtube HaCk3d

Youtube HaCk3d

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You tube hackedSurprise.

Went to go on youtube this afternoon, check for outlandish videos to pass the time. The site had been hacked.

(It’s nice to know they are running Plesk, which is what they use on my web server).


No doubt, my first thoughts turn to the Muslimists and the media furor surrounding their little movement.

Also, Kim Jong Un, who’s always in an angry state.

Maybe someone hit the wrong button. But it’s strange, the ‘favicon’ is still showing in the top right corner of the tab.


It’s only 6 o’clock in the morning here, (as you can see from the clock at the bottom right hand side of the screen), whether the mainstream will report on this remains to be seen.

Whatever the case, I can’t get on the site and have to find something else to entertain my sick mentality.

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