Sveti Stefani – Montenegro

Sveti Stefani – Montenegro

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Advertised in my travel guides as somewhere to visit and get closer to the glitterati. I arrive to discover the island has been sold to a special guest. Visitors are no longer allowed.

Security is on the heavy side, but I realise this is still a socialist country. These guys just sitting around doing nothing.

Here’s some shots of Budva and the surrounding area.

Budva - MontenegroBudva – Montenegro
KML: lat – 42.27748 lon – 18.83348

Budva - MontenegroBudva – Montenegro
KML: lat – 42.29464 lon – 18.85423

5 thoughts on “Sveti Stefani – Montenegro

  1. Lovely pics. Love the car.
    Sounds as if bus journey was a little tedious! Probably better than flying though – all the sky is pretty same old same old!!

    Can cope with that kind of tourism.

    Are the food and wine good?

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