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Christmas on the Canal

Christmas on the Canal

Still here in Kidlington.

Had the first part of my tooth surgery done the other day which consisted of removing the root of the old tooth.

They had put a stem and cap. The stem had fractured the root and the cap fell out. They advised that the root was beyond repair and options included 1)bodge 2)removal.

I opted for 2)removal although it was more expensive.

Chewing gum is bad for your fillings and caps

‘Dental experts’ tell us chewing gum can aid in the dissolution of plaque. Chewing is healthy….

What they don’t tell us is that the chewing of gum for significant periods of time isn’t so good for caps, fillings and other artificial oral constructions made in place of your teeth.


Since I started doing this job full time. I’ve been chewing gum more routinely. Every day in fact. When I work, I (used to) get in the car and have some gum.

My fillings I’ve had since I was at secondary school. The cap I had done when I was at school also. 35 years ago.

All fine for 35 years. Had the cap stem re-cemented when it came out around 18 years ago, otherwise, all fine.

As soon as I chew gum every day. Filling comes out after 4 months. Stem snaps root after 11 months.

I’m not putting this down to chance.


Only one thing has changed in my oral habits and that’s chewing gum.

Dental work is very expensive

No coincidence the fact that a)you can’t get an NHS dentist nowadays b)dental work goes from expensive to eye watering.

I’ve had an idea! Chew more gum…


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Bogus CRT overstay

Bogus CRT overstay

Last week, I got falsely accused of overstaying by the Canal and River Trust enforcement officers.

Moving every 14 days

As we know, I’ve been making a point of doing this since I got moved onto 6 monthly.

The CRT sent me this email on the 12th, saying I hadn’t moved.

Your Ref: ********

Dear Michael Tyler,

RE: BONNIE LADY (*******)

Let’s keep our waterways flowing

Using our previous working days’ sightings, it looks like your boat may have been moored in the same general area for more than 14 days. If you have moved since the sighting was taken (e.g. moved over the weekend if you received a reminder on Monday), then thank you and you do not need to take any further action. 

Please remember that when you’re cruising you should be on the move every 14 days.

If you have been unable to move due to recent weather conditions then please move when conditions allow.

If there are reasons you’ve had to remain moored in the same area for slightly longer than planned, please contact me on the number below  and we can discuss your circumstances. 

It’s really important that we keep our network moving and maintain mooring availability.

We’re here to help

Most people do remember to phone us if they are unable to move their boat before they get a reminder.  If you’re not able to move your boat right now for whatever reason, I’m just a phone call away. You can reach me by calling the number below. Just make sure you have your boat index number and your current location to hand. For a refresher on the terms and conditions of your boat licence where your licence please view the PDF at

If you need information about the local area, please find our waterways map at

Boaters make our waterways what they are. Together we can keep our canals and rivers flowing and open to all and help each other during these difficult times.

Thank you – and happy boating.

Yours sincerely

Nnenna Ikwuegbu
Licence Support Advisor
[email protected]

Please note, calls may be recorded

Canal & River Trust, National Waterways Museum Ellesmere Port, South Pier Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH65 4FW T 0303 040 4040 or Use our contact form Here
Mon to Fri, 8am to 6pm

Canal and River Trust

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Braunston -> Norton Junction

Braunston -> Norton Junction

The winter mooring has finished, and I’m off again.

What a waste of time it was.

When they said ‘Braunston’ with roughly a mile of 24/48/14 day moorings, I didn’t anticipate they’d put me outside the village.

Braunston Village

Is fair enough. The people at the post office are friendly, and will try and resolve any problems you may have.

I went to the pubs.

Sometimes they were empty, sometimes they were full.

I visited the chandlery, of which there are 3 or more.

In a sense, the facilities available beyond the control of CRT are good.

The actual moorings they provide are poor.

They’re not even in Braunston.

I was expecting them to put me on a nice piece of made up towpath on a visitor moorings close to the centre of the village.

That’s what I’m paying for. Prime moorings with priority in winter.

What I got is below.

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