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Day 8: Chitwan National Park – Walking tour

Day 8: Chitwan National Park – Walking tour

With two guides; it’s not safe enough to walk around on your own.

There’s a video below of us nearly being chased by a large jungle beastie which is testament to that.

After yesterday’s hotel drama, got settled. Woke by the mosquito’s at about 6am. Had to be at the tour centre for 7.

Got some rolls, bread, crisps and water, binoculars and a kit-kat from the shops around the village. Cost about £2.50 in all, (not including the binoculars). Waited around a bit for the two other tourists, a pair of Ukrainian ‘journalists’.

Once they arrived, we all set off on our merry journey.

Chitwan National Park – Canoe Trip

The first hour of this journey is spent on the canoe, drifting down the Rapti river and observing the various wildlife that cared to present itself.

I was one of the few people to bring binoculars, and I felt kind of smug about this. Also, they give you a much better view of what you’re looking at.

The temptation to get the camera out is much less, making it that little bit more enjoyable and relaxing.

Rapti River - Chitwan National Park
Rapti River – Chitwan National Park

There are many birds and ducks, although I suspect not as many as there were in the past. Still, they were out there.

Egrets, Kingfishers, Starlings, Miner birds, Storks etc. Couple of swifts and martins, although, I get the impression, not as many in the past.

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Day 7: Chitwan National Park

Day 7: Chitwan National Park

Or Chitwan national park as they call it.

A UNESCO world heritage site, as designated in 1984.

We’re staying just over the water in the non-reserved bit. A town called Sauraha.

Bus trip

From Kathmandu to Sauraha bus park.

Fairly painless affair only taking 4 hours in total with a couple of stop-offs along the way.

My guide told me there was a strike in operation throughout Nepal, and the streets would be empty.

Obviously this worked in our favour.

Quick and easy journey.

Bus journey from Kathmandu to Sauraha
Bus journey from Kathmandu to Sauraha


When I was planning my trip to the village, I booked some accommodation at I always use, through my travels across China and the Far East. When I do book ahead, they seem to have a good network and reasonable prices.

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