Taicang Dinner

Taicang Dinner

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Got this shot of a dinner at our Kindie.

You can see that we’ve switched to fish here. After the spate of recent poisonings, pigs and bird flu.

This is the government issue meal which looks very delicious.

Fish HeadsThe thing on the left is an apple.

On the right we have a healthy helping of fish heads. These are more tasty than they look. And they do look…. but don’t let that put you off Smile

In China lets get some Chinese food, (except here its just called food):
Do you fancy Sweet and Sour Pork 糖醋里脊?

-but pork is off the menu since 16000 dead pigs washed up in the city’s river.

Okaaaay lets get some Gong Bao Chicken宫保鸡丁?
-erm… about that, Chicken is off too since bird flu killed 20 folk this week.

Fine then, how about Peking Duck 北京烤鸭?
-actually all poultry is out!

Fuck it!
I tried your culture…. it doesn’t suit me.

One thought on “Taicang Dinner

  1. Yummy…..fish is best….Chinese v clever…forget chicken duck pig cow etc fish fish fish fish!!!!

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