The Factory – White Island

The Factory – White Island

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Factory then.

Factory, White Island, New Zealand
Factory Now,

Factory, White Island, New Zealand
Perhaps the reason why there is still lingering interest in the island, is the presence of the factory.

This ill fated operation was subject to a number of explosions and re-locations, at one point the factory was blown out to sea along with the sulphur miners.
This didn’t stop the Kiwi’s coming back for more.

Here’s what they were attracted to.

Sulphur, White Island, New Zealand Sulphur.

New Hope
With the construction of a new factory further away from the crater, and the creation of huts outside the active area of the island, the miners believed this would put an end to the deaths.

After 3 months of operation this fresh factory blew one of the settling vats, killing three and injuring 1.

One of the miners threw himself to his death in one of the acidic lakes.

All labour in vain
Had they had risk assessment in the 1930’s they would have realised that the sulphurous rocks were not pure enough to sustain a profitable operation.

Had it happened in the modern day, health and safety would have closed it down.

Still, it makes a nice day out for us.

PeeJay’s tours run two boats a day, plus there’s helicopters if you want to pay the extra.

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