Did Tony Blair kill democracy?

Did Tony Blair kill democracy?

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Tony Blair

We all know he has blood on his hands.

Are you not a Blairite? – Leading us all where the vision took us. Blurring the boundaries between black and white, rich and poor, right and wrong, etc. etc.

Looking back at it, all Blairism has left us with is a legacy of one party politics. Crossing the boundaries. No left no right.

I can only see that his great legacy and departure from traditional labour values and adoption of ‘new‘ values has been the destruction of democracy itself.

Touting himself as a great leader.

Not really.

A great politician.

Self serving. Adult. Looking to further his interests at any given cost whilst paying lip service to alternatives. Trained as a lawyer. Obviously.

No leader

When we look at Nelson Mandela, we look at a ‘leader’ of men.

Tony Blair would die for a decent seat in Nobu on a Saturday night. A statue of himself in Islington. A new pair of shoes for his wife or a new house for his kids.

Really, he had no real ‘higher’ values.

As time went on, the facade of nicey nicey politics dropped off.

We came to see politics that echoed the famous JP Morgan quote, and, ironically, JP Morgan is his current employer.

The wretched scrambling we call the human condition, dressed up to look civilized.

Me politics.

Me politics.

It’s the vision of the future.

But never call Tony Blair a leader.

This is NWO shit. And these people are all imitators.

Mandela Coin
Mandela Coin
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Blair Coin

2 thoughts on “Did Tony Blair kill democracy?

    1. Can’t unite the world under Politics can we. Much as people would have us try, people like Blair will keep cropping up and leading us all astray.

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