First visit to Chinese Hospital.

First visit to Chinese Hospital.

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Yesterday after work, I started experiencing severe pain in my lower abdomen. Whilst driving home, my arms started to tingle and I wanted to vomit.

Took this as a sign that I was feeling crook, and it would be better to take the rest of the day off.

Bad oil

Initially, though it might be bad cooking oil. The Chinese have a habit of fishing cooking oil out of the drains and re-using it to cook street-food.

Also, there was a flu bug I had. Wasn’t really sure what it was. Anyhow. Went to the hospital with workmate Dan.


2 day wait to find out about stomach. Skipped that and got on my bike and went to another hospital, got an ultrasound 80 yuan. Then the gave me some drips, another 80 yuan and finally some pills 40 yuan.

It was actually an eye hospital, but they put me in there anyway. Girls were quite friendly.

They put three drips in over the course of 2 hours. Afterward I felt ok.

Went to bed. Woke up again to bad stomach pains. Took some painkillers. Felt no better. Rolled around a bit. Gave up and to the hospital at 2am.

The doctor at the hospital was trying to talk me into returning the next day, for more drips. I didn’t really think this added up. I’d paid for one course of drips and she was now wanting me to return for more.

Hospital 2

Got there went to reception, luckily, I had the documents and diagnoses given to me by the first hospital.

The girl had a look at them and took 10 yuan off me.

Next 130 yuan for the ultrasound.

Then 80 yuan for painkillers.

Turns out I have kidney stones. I have to go in tomorrow to sort them out.

2nd Visit

Went in this morning after a sleepness nights rest.

10 yuan for consultation

146 yuan for medicine.

The doctor advised me they were no in a position to remove the stones until the inflammation had gone down. He said that the stone was ‘small’, however, I was sat there when they were doing the US and it didn’t look small to me. It looked big, it was distorting the urethra.

Wednesday 4th December

Woke up again this morning with severe stomach pains. After taking the morning medication, called in sick and went to the hospital.

Different doctor again. He was asleep when I went in. After a little chat about the pain, and a look at the document, decided that it would be best if we went for the Op. Which in this case is EWSL or ‘shock treatment’ sound, not electric. I needed to take some more painkillers.

First injection was 60 yuan. Didn’t work.

Next one was 13 yuan. Didn’t work.

Then one for 80 yuan, which started to work.

They had a real problem giving me something that was preventing the pain. I was being sick in bins and rolling round in pain. Eventually I had to shout at the doctor to do his job. Stopping the pain was why I had come to hospital in the first place.

This seemed to have the right effect.

Then they moved me round for an X-ray 60 yuan.

Then ultrasound on my brain (who knows why).

I had a look at the x-ray. I have about 6 kidney stones. One of them has come out and stuck in my urethra. This has ‘split’ the urethra, which I’m sure is not the case, but the doctor was keen that I believed this. I didn’t.

The stone itself is 9 by 7mm. A ‘small’ stone by the previous doctors estimates.

ESWL treatment

(extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy)

This was on a kind of bed with a little hole on the side. In the hole was a little circular rubber silicate filled cushion.

The doctor spent some time maneuvering this thing around, it was positioned directly in my side. Which took some time to align…

After sizing up the area with the gentle buzzing, the device changed it’s tune. Started making clanking noises, and gave me a shock in my side! Which made me jump right out of the bed! This was the start of the real treatment.

The shocks lasted around 30 minutes, during which time it became more intense in pain, until it was only hurting me slightly in the side.

Came out of there. Went to my bedroom on the ward. I’m staying with 3 other people. Men. They had a few relatives come and it got kind of busy with kids and whatnot.

Someone said watch your computer. Which is what I’m writing this from now. I said I would keep it under my pillow. Which was funny…

Some of the people from Linestart came to see me bearing gifts, which was nice.


Treatment. Finally got some of the sand and pieces of stone that the doctor was talking about this morning. Like bits of glass.

Costs: Not cheap. Total below.

Treatment itself: 2,691 yuan
Pre-treatment diagnoses and pain killers: 376 yuan

Total for treatment and pre-treatment: 3,067 yuan = 308.69 GBP


I had a similar condition in Wolverhampton. They didn’t have an ultrasound there. I ended up telling the doctor what was wrong with me after being throw out of A&E.

Good old Blighty.

4 thoughts on “First visit to Chinese Hospital.

  1. Oh my goodness, that sounds really bad. It would be good to be a bit closer…thinking of you and Hoping you are feeling better now.

  2. Have just been able to read blog without being locked into the image of massive woman statue beside lake. I feel for you. Me, Maggie, Ellie wish you well, soon. Lol.

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