Travelling by train with a bike

Travelling by train with a bike

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Today, I discovered this was no longer a case of simply throwing your bike into the right carriage, taking the tear off stub and going to your seat.

Bookings for bicycles have to be made at the time of booking for all major routes, otherwise you, like me face disappointment.

Preston to Edinburgh

Luckily, Pete the Virgin counter guy decided that he was in a position to make a change to my booking to go on a later train.

This is not always the case.

I’m sure if I had known more, and been trying to blag it, he wouldn’t have bothered. But it was obvious it was going to fuck up my whole journey, so he decided to change it, which at least meant I could cover the majority of the journey without incurring any additional expense.

Edinburgh to Inverness

This is operated by Scotrail. Couldn’t make the connection, so had to book it again, £45. But my bike is on there.

I guess you can expect these eventualities and I won’t be making the same mistake again.

Here’s a picture from my present location, in the ‘Hero’s Bar’ in Preston Station.

Hero's bar - Preston Station

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