Trip to yellow mountain – Haungshan

Trip to yellow mountain – Haungshan

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Here i am at Haungshan station.

Caught the train in last night .

Have been told i need to catch a bus to Tangkou town.

First by the woman at the hostel I need to travel to today. She gave me the address of a bus station they tried to take me to that was out of town… Now at a bus station which is in town outside the main train station in town.

3 thoughts on “Trip to yellow mountain – Haungshan

  1. Ni ho Michael, ni ho má?
    Yellow mountain being busy there’s a surprise. Stay in China till 2014 I’ll be arranging for you to meet some influential people. Keep out of trouble

    1. Ewww.
      Who are you? Are we going for Worlddomination?, (as your domain-name says)? You and your lot do that already….
      So, what, am I along to suck your balls?
      Doesn’t add up, and never has.
      Tellytubby bye-bye.

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