Trip to yellow mountain – Tangkou

Trip to yellow mountain – Tangkou

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After a couple of minutes sitting round and being sold things by the various people at the Huangshan bus station, the bus arrives.

I almost miss it, but finish up in the little restaurant which sells coffee and juice drinks just in time to be the last passenger to get on.

The bus takes us along the expressway, up into the hills close to the foot of the Yellow Mountain park.

I’m staying at the One Hostel. It has internet access, which is more than can be said for the C2C last night, which cost twice as much and served a school dinner style breakfast. I had one chop stick to eat it with. Eating breakfast with one chopstick is not very easy, the C2C need to take note of this…

Here’s some snaps I took out of the window.

j3 Jingtai Expressway - Tangkou IMG_0371 j3 Jingtai Expressway - Tangkou j3 Jingtai Expressway - Tangkou


Anyway, at new hotel now. Located downtown. Here’s a map.

Will stay here for a couple of days. I’ve got to climb the mountain tomorrow and also visit the hot springs, for an after climb bath…

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2 thoughts on “Trip to yellow mountain – Tangkou

  1. One-chopstick breakfast… guess it would be do-able (but time consuming) if it were Cheerios; not so good for porridge…

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