Windows Live Writer – Blogging Software

Windows Live Writer – Blogging Software

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Installed this at the beginning of the trip, and, as promised I’d inform you about it usefulness how much I hated it, why you should buy it etc.

Windows Live Writer- for Blogger

You install the software and give it the URL for your blog.

Your Google ID and password. The wizard then goes off and takes an imprint of your blog and stylesheet.

Also included is the bits and pieces for formatting and reviewing without a connection, providing previews on WYSIWYG, always handy for previewing those images, tables, maps or videos.

This has been vital in that without a connection, usually you’re limited to a Microsoft document and having to do the CSS styles, guess at previews of images tables, CSS conflicts all the rest of it, it’s pretty much guesswork until you get online.

With the live writer, this trip, I’ve not had the normal pressure of finding good connections at every stop, the workload has been dished out in a regular fashion.

It’s like a desktop publishing software for blogs. Save your documents and publish when you’ve got a better connection.


The Live Writer has a couple of advantages over the Google platform alone.

I can’t say whether I’d use it as much at home but on the road the answer to the Question: – Are Americans clever?

In this case has to be: Yes.

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