Top Hotel Scams

Top Hotel Scams

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Here’s some top 3 ways hotels will try and save/make money on you:


Never do laundry in amounts through the hotel laundry, it will cost you an arm and a leg. The odd shirt or T-shirt, pair of pumps or whatever, save the rest for the launderrette.

Often hotels are reluctant to tell you where the nearest launderrette is or flatly refuse. This is because they make so much money on the people who pay $2 to wash a pair of socks.




One way hotels save money it take the cooling elements OUT of the minibar, turn the fridge elements off, or just leave the lights working to save them that extra cash. You may have noticed this when you grab a nice warm beer or that tepid bottle of water.

It’s not a weird co-incidence, hotels will do this on purpose. All very well, but when you’re paying 5 stars, you expect the fridge to work and the drinks to be cold.

Sad little hotel scam.



This has got to be the biggest scam of the lot.

How much does it cost to connect to the Internet at home, $20-30 a month for unlimited connection?

Unless you’re connecting from Tibuktoo through satellite uplink, you’re getting that identical connection, multiplying that by say 10 guests paying $20 per day, that’s $6,000 per month for that same connection.

Big money for the hotels, rip off for the common consumer.

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