Yelvertoft -> Winwick in the Fields

Yelvertoft -> Winwick in the Fields

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Close to the winding hole. That doesn’t really tell you much. There isn’t a lot here.

4G in Yelvertoft

As you can see, it’s faster than 73% of GB in terms of connection speed which makes life nice and quite with the advantage of the internet, TV and lot’s of solar.

There’s not a lot around here.

It’s probably a five minute walk from the car, which is parked on the side of the road.

It’s eight miles or so to the shops and back.

Life is very quite.

The way I like it.

Three Bridges in a Mile

Perhaps the only thing this area is famous for is the way the canal is crossed by the same road three times within a mile.

3 thoughts on “Yelvertoft -> Winwick in the Fields

  1. I have to move this way. The mobile reception is better than moving toward you. There are more hills down the Oxford canal and there isn’t a lot down there.
    I won’t be winter mooring this year, just cruising. I don’t really want to be out there on those locks in the middle of no-where.

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