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Month: January 2022

Amazon Flex -> Cropredy

Amazon Flex -> Cropredy

So. A little move up.

Takes about an hour on the boat. Maybe a bit longer. 3 Locks to get through.


Is about the only stop on this circuit where the sounds of the motorway don’t provide the main audio backdrop to your canal mooring.

Cropredy is kind of a posh village, which hosts a blues festival in the summer called the ‘Fairport Convention‘.

It’s got 2 pubs and 2 churches.

The canal has a waterpoint, bins, sanitation and a turning point here.

There’s one shop that sells overpriced goods to unsuspecting boaters.

All things being said, it seems like a great place to moor, the only possible downside being the lack of mobile signal at many locations in the village.

In most of the locations in the village.

In fact, you have to go out of the village to get any coverage on Three, the network I’m on.

I did a post previously on Cropredy.

You can find it here.

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Twyford Wharf -> Amazon Flex

Twyford Wharf -> Amazon Flex

Or just outside.

My winter workplace, Amazon is about 300m from where I am moored now…

It’s very muddy here, which is why I didn’t come down here when I was starting at Amazon just over the road.

Glad I didn’t. Negotiating the mud takes in cold wet etc. is difficult. 15 minutes in the car is easy.

Pig Place

Didn’t stay at Pig Place. I was in two minds when I arrived.

Walking at 4am in the morning. 5-7 minutes to the car. And back, just to stay outside the pig place.

Not really worth it….

After having my pins pulled out and my neighbour describing my boat passing his floating backwards down the canal made me think there may be better places to be.


So. Moved on down to Twyford Wharf, where I completed my (short) term of employment at Amazon.

Looks very much like any other factory without all the seasonal workers which were there for the Christmas period.

I appreciated my time there.

They sorted us out with free stuff. Pay was always on time. They even got a DJ in on Christmas Eve. Here’s a picture of him.

Empty warehouse? – Amazon DOX2 DJ – Christmas Party

I was told it was a lot busier last year at around the Christmas period, but since then they’ve opened 2 new sorting centres to distribute their parcels. One is at Lutterworth (DBI7 Amazon), the other is Birmingham (Amazon DBI3).

These have taken away a lot of the capacity from DOX2 sortation operation.

Last year a couple of the co-workers described scenes of operatives confronting WALLS of parcels and having to adhere to 2m DISTANCING RULES.

Very different kettle of fish to this year.

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