Amazon Flex -> Cropredy

Amazon Flex -> Cropredy

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So. A little move up.

Takes about an hour on the boat. Maybe a bit longer. 3 Locks to get through.


Is about the only stop on this circuit where the sounds of the motorway don’t provide the main audio backdrop to your canal mooring.

Cropredy is kind of a posh village, which hosts a blues festival in the summer called the ‘Fairport Convention‘.

It’s got 2 pubs and 2 churches.

The canal has a waterpoint, bins, sanitation and a turning point here.

There’s one shop that sells overpriced goods to unsuspecting boaters.

All things being said, it seems like a great place to moor, the only possible downside being the lack of mobile signal at many locations in the village.

In most of the locations in the village.

In fact, you have to go out of the village to get any coverage on Three, the network I’m on.

I did a post previously on Cropredy.

You can find it here.

Life goes on

But quite slowly.

I’m waiting to start this job for Natcen Social Research.

It’s interviewing, which I did before COVID hit.

Due to the nature of interviewing, a lot of that area of research got closed down along with everything else. It’s only now it’s starting to pick up again.

Starting to being the operative phrase. And due to everything being carried out piecemeal online, it’s meant that the training process has been a lot more drawn out.

Each training module has to be taken in sequence upon completion of the prior one.

But it has to be booked with the tutor.

It’s taken a long time and I haven’t started yet.

I have, however, got my computer and phone and received some training about them, so it’s only a matter of time until the job starts in earnest.

In the meantime, I’m doing a little day trading with my newfound trading knowledge.

I’ll let you know when I make my first billion. 😎

Anarchy in the UK

The Seccs Pistols said it a few years ago.

Maybe 1979… Looks like it’s coming to bear… now it’s 2022.

I don’t think they’d heard of ‘lag’ back then.

Thought I’d get this in (before anyone else does).

Merry Christmas

2 thoughts on “Amazon Flex -> Cropredy

  1. Well, I hope that the interviewing will be with you soon, because I can’t imagine that the first million will 🙂

    …. but fingers crossed. (Do you know my bank details?)

  2. Sounds like a nice place to moor a while, shame about the lack of signal. Things are starting to open up now, let’s hope it stays that way. The job sounds right up your street….xx

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