Accommodation Guide – Chile

Accommodation Guide – Chile

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I’ve been here for 3 weeks now.

Accommodation is likely to take up a small part of your time finding and the majority of your money spending.

To maximize the value of your stay, get the accommodation right first time you will enjoy it all the more.

invariably you will be able to find accommodation most suitable for your need if you spend a good few hours, perhaps 1 hour, making that decision that way you won’t feel down because your accommodation is crap and you won’t have to looking for more each morning.

Do the research before you make your decision, you will enjoy your stay a lot more.

I’ve put together this accommodation guide:

Prices won’t vary that much.
This is what you can expect to pay for a single.

Price Paid Breakfast Bathroom TV
$4-6,000 X
$6-8,000 X X
$8-12,000 X X X

Types of lodging
Type of lodging is an indication of the level of service.
You will generally find order of cheapness.

Lodgings as part of a dwelling. Shared facilities.

Independent rooms with shared facilities.

Like a hotel but cheaper. Luxury items like towels or TV unlikely to be supplied.

Normal hotel service. Expect Cable TV, Towels, Breakfast, Phone. .

Accommodation TIPS

**Never pay upfront.
**Never look for accommodation at night.
If you do look for accommodation at night, only agree to 1 night initially.

Remember, bad decisions come easily after a 22 hour bus journey.

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