Alperton – Close to Wembley, London

Alperton – Close to Wembley, London

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Here I am in London. Alperton.

It’s more countrified that Oxfordshire, at least in terms of noise. A lot quieter…

Apart from the mania cyclists, it’s difficult to know you’re in London!

It took me until Tuesday last week to get down here.

Tube trouble

When I took the first tube into London, Tottenham court road, it told me it was costing £13.90 return! Which I believed.

Last time I lived in London, it was £4 to zone 1-4, (central to suburbs). £13.90 came as a bit of a shock!

Due to this, my first day after going in to study, I looked into moving the boat.

But before doing this, I registered my Oyster card on the internet.

Turns out the card pre-charges you on journeys! Either that, or the machine was telling me completely the wrong fares!

One or the other, this is my journey history to and from.

As you can see, it’s no-where near £14.

Following on from that, I saw no reason to move the boat.

I like it here in…


Is a suburb close to Wembley.

I went to Curry’s in Wembley to try and get a new tablet yesterday.

I’ve got rid of my iPad Air, supposedly the best tablet out there.

The only thing it did well was wind me up.

I had to sell it. I was getting so angry, I knew I was going to smash it up, it was only a matter of time.

Bad apple

Bad apple
  • No swipe type. Each click needs to be letter by letter. Adds so much more effort and error to any conversation. Joke.
  • Bugged apps. Playing my simple games, like I do to pass the time, items on screen were unresponsive. Never happened with Samsung once, in 3 years. Happens ALL the time on the Apple. Click on them, they do nothing. You need to close the app down and re-start it.
  • Inconsistent commands. To close and swap between app windows on the Apple. Sometimes it will swipe, sometimes it won’t, sometimes it will swap between simply, or not. It just does WHATEVER. Has it’s own agenda entirely.
  • Sound goes off. The selected app. Again, this happened multiple times. Swapped back to an app, and the sound is gone. Need to close the app and re-start it. Never happened once on the Samsung. Happens all the time on the apple.

This is just the problems that I can remember off the top of my head. If I were to take note on my grievances against this machine, they are multiple.

I was no fan of Apple, but I gave them a second chance.

I can now safely say, I will never buy an Apple product again.

This item has now gone to another home and cost me a lot of money at the same time.

Today at the V&A

Sunday’s come…

Here I am on the boat….

Why not go out and enjoy London me thinks….

Yes. Why not.

Today I will go to the V & A, or, the Victoria and Albert Museum.

It’s not too far, 7.5 miles.

I crack the bike out of it’s cover and set off.

Blown away at the V&A

You’ve got to admire the richness of culture and heritage when you visit these London museums.

I only had a few hours.

Pure class.

Here’s some pictures.

I got there and had only 2 or so hours to look around.

You really need a morning or an afternoon.

Trading course

Is coming to an end.

I lost a lot of money last week after some very strange movements in the market.

I’ve got 3 more days ‘on the floor’, then my course is finished.

I have to do some write ups of the trades I’ve done over the 3 week assessment period. Which involves taking some screenshots. Like this

You need to do some shots. Take a look at WHY you did what you did, what steps you took before and after you placed your trade.

Any lessons learned etc.

Each sheet takes about 20-30 mins.

Luckily, my balance has increased over the assessment period, which makes me feel good.

Doing the write up’s and analysing WHY I made those decisions will no doubt contribute my efficacy and the knowledge I take from these situations.

Pictures of London

Watch me

Here’s some more pictures I’ve taken over the last week.

Got a kind of urban flavour huh?

One thought on “Alperton – Close to Wembley, London

  1. Woooo….You’re description of your mooring sounds wonderful. It sounds as if you’re enjoying the visit to the big metropolis. I bet you will miss your course when it’s finally done, but you’ve gained a lot of knowledge which is always useful. The V & A is amazing though it is many years since I’ve been there. It was my favourite museum. Enjoy the rest of your stay. xx

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