Leaving London

Leaving London

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Now that I’ve completed the practical side of this trading course, I have one more assignment to do and the course goes off for marking.

Before I do that, I’m going to get out of London.

Much as I’ve enjoyed my stay here, I need to move out. I’m running out of firewood and coal and with a bike and no car, that’s going to be a ball-ache to arrange logistically.

No expense spared!

To be fair, every expense has been spared!

Apart from the Tube fares, I’ve lived as a Londoner this last 3 weeks.

Let’s have a look at what I would have spent:

In Hotel

Accommodation from booking.com: 17 nights – Cheapest £300 (dorm), Most expensive £6000. Average £1800 (B&B).

Food from The Savvy Backpacker: Lunch £5, Coffee £4, Dinner £15-20. Daily £30 x 17 = £510

So maybe £2000 for staying in a hotel and eating out.

On the boat

Weekly shop £25 x 3 = £75

Coffee and Lunch x 5 for the days in London. £50.

Cooking my own dinner, having lunch in London when I visited plus the odd coffee, plus a bottle of wine or two.


Like for like

£2200 Hotel

£125 Boat

Travel expenses which I already pay living on the boat or in the Hotel, so I haven’t included them.

I recon a £2k saving would be reasonable estimate.

London was quiet

Much more so than I expected.

The major source of noise pollution here is the parakeets!

Life on the towpath is probably better than in Oxfordshire. It’s less noisy, less muddy, the mobile signal is way better plus you’re in London!

I didn’t really like the mooring around Banbury.

It’s really not great in most ways, but still, I’m off now to somewhere new!

Tune in to the next blog to find out where!


Here’s some pictures from when I visited the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Alice in Wonderland exhibition, which as some may remember features on Bonnie Lady along with the pesky playing cards!

Lewis Carol, (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson), was a polymath. Not something I knew before-hand.

Alice’s adventures in Wonderland were inspired by a trip on the Thames around the Godstow area featured earlier on the blog.

John Tenniel’s artwork was complemented by some more contemporary pieces which I’ve featured here.

It was a great exhibition and I’m glad I paid the additional £20 to get in.

2 thoughts on “Leaving London

  1. What an amazing experience….and now you and Bonnie are off again to pastures new……not a bad life…enjoy your cruise out of London. xxx

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