Deep Lock Dead

Deep Lock Dead

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For now.

I arrived there last night to find the place closed and my path north blocked

The picture is me at the closed lock entrance.

It’s called Denham Deep Lock. It’s above Uxbridge. As you can see on the map, it marks the end of LONDON proper.

Looking at the CRT Stoppages and Closures , it’s not just closed for a couple of days, more like 1 month or so. It’s due to re-open on the 10th of December!

Looks like I’ll be finding another way home!

Down, across, up

Yep, that’s it. More down (to Brentford Tidal Lock), Across (to Oxford), Up (to Banbury… again :[ ).

I was looking forward to living somewhere new.

Still every cloud.

Amazon Flex in Banbury may be a safer bet than it’s Hemel Hempstead rival looking at what offers I was receiving through the app.

Amazon’s rates down London end appear to be on the low side of things shall we say.

I wasn’t keen on doing any of them over the 4-5 days I was sent them through the app.

They seemed to not take into consideration the costs involved in maintaining and driving a vehicle with fuel prices the way they are at the moment.

Brentford Lock Booking

For now, I will be making my way down to Brentford and hanging around a little.

This time, I’ve booked passage through the lock, although that doesn’t happen until Wednesday 17th.

I may try to sneak through in the meantime and cancel if or when another boat comes through.

I’ve no idea why they don’t allow you to do this through the booking site at the moment. I shouldn’t have to book an individual slot just for one boat.

You should be able to get a minimum of 5 boats through a lock in one hour. And that’s going slow.

2 each way, you’re talking 10-20 boats for 1 hour worth of lock-keeper time. As far as I can make out, at present it’s one boat per booking, which as we know, is stupid.

Maybe I’ll get some more information about this on my forthcoming passage through.

Look forward to some additional moaning then…

Long river ride home

Yup. All the way.

Against the flow.

In the winter.

Wish me luck…..

Here’s some pictures from the day.

2 thoughts on “Deep Lock Dead

  1. Oh dear that’s unfortunate. Is waiting it out on the cut not a better option than going against the tide and flow in winter. The weather is supposed to turn snowy next week….brrrrrrr xx

    1. On the cut? What if the lock’s not repaired before Christmas? What about the coal and logs? WHat about shopping and laundry? What about income.
      Sitting on the cut for a month because I’m scared of the River Thames?

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