Kings Lock to Aynho Wharf

Kings Lock to Aynho Wharf

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20 miles, most of it on the canal.

Bowled up at Aynho Wharf at about 6.30pm. Started at about 9.15am.

A long day.

Felt tired.


Had a beer to celebrate.

One picture today, that’s heading up the post.

Bonnie in London

So that’s it for ‘Bonnie in London‘.

In the end, my return journey took me from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday night. 4 1/2 days.

I estimate that I saved

In Hotel

Accommodation from 17 nights – Cheapest £300 (dorm), Most expensive £6000. Average £1800 (B&B).

Food from The Savvy Backpacker: Lunch £5, Coffee £4, Dinner £15-20. Daily £30 x 17 = £510

So maybe £2000 for staying in a hotel and eating out.

On the boat

Weekly shop £25 x 3 = £75

Coffee and Lunch x 5 for the days in London. £50.

Cooking my own dinner, having lunch in London when I visited plus the odd coffee, plus a bottle of wine or two.


Fuel for journey there and back £150

Oil £30

All in all £305




I’ve highlighted and dealt with some of the underlying engine problems which can up whilst speeding around the Thames 😉

All I need to do now is:

  • Re-pack the stern
  • Replace the rudder bearings

and Bonnie will be very Bonnie!

From here on in, I think I might service the engine myself. I certainly will this time. I’m going to do some research on the internet to find out what’s involved.

There are no real marinas around here and I’m not going all the way up to Calcutt.

I like London

Living there seems very different on the canal.

It’s so calm. The people are friendlier and as you can see, I avoided all the ‘stupid’ costs involved in staying in the capital.

What a journey.

3 thoughts on “Kings Lock to Aynho Wharf

  1. What an amazing experience….all the more so for the money saved. London from the canal sounds very different and rather tranquil…Nice.

  2. Ah – I missed this bit earlier – “replace the rudder bearings”.
    Is that what was causing that strange ‘bumpy’ thing that happened when pulling the steering back to centre afew weeks back?

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