Days Lock to Kings Lock Oxford

Days Lock to Kings Lock Oxford

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Same as last time spɹɐʍʞɔɐq ʇdǝɔxǝ.

So many engine problems.

I’m kind of glad I took Bonnie out on this long trip, now upwards of 200 miles, as it’s exacerbated problems which would have occurred anyhow over the winter period when I’m having to run the engine more to heat the boat etc….

From yesterday –

Oil leak

As detailed yesterday, a lot of the oil was disappearing to destinations unknown.

Got up this morning and dipped the dipstick (?!), in the oil that is, and was shocked to see about 2mm of oil on the plunger.

A truly dangerous amount of oil to run an engine on.

Considering I’d poured over 1l of oil into the engine yesterday, it was time to diagnose and fix the source of this problem. That is, if I wanted to continue my journey without the engine blowing up. Or ceasing, as more be closer to the truth.

Drain sump pan

Sump pan on the boat is like a big tray that sits underneath the engine.

The idea is that it catches any of the potentially hazardous and polluting substances which drip out of engines.

It’s just like a metal box that sits under the engine.

I needed to empty it. It was about 1/3 full. Take all the liquids out.

Once I did this, I could see where the leaks were coming from.

Have a little pump that my mum and her husband, Michael bought me a few years ago.

It’s able to hand these noxious substances, ie. oil and water mixed, and I pumped it into a container and disposed of it.

Then I got the new oil and poured it in the filler cap.

Almost instantly, I could see the oil oozing out the side of the rocker cover (pictured).

That’s not supposed to happen.

Rocker Cover Gasket BMC 1800

When I took the rocker cover off. The gasket didn’t even follow the shape of the cover it was so warped.

I’m told the gaskets warp over time.

They don’t last for ever.

The challenge now was picking up a new one at 8am on a Saturday morning without a car.

At times like these, it’s always who should we call? erm MOM!

By the time we sorted everything out about driving all over the country to get a new gasket and drop it off with myself down in Abingdon, or there-abouts, I’d found a ‘spare’ under the toolbox!

What a stoke of luck!

Lucky I remembered it was there before I made poor old mom drive all over the country.

But remember I did, and I put it on.

Bmc 1800 marine rocker cover
Bmc 1800 marine rocker cover + gasket


After the drama, I managed to make it underway by 11am.

Made it to Kings Lock about 5pm.

I would say ‘nightmare’, but it could have been much worse.


All the repairs I’d made to the engine

  • Cooling system
  • Fuel lines
  • Spurting flange
  • Oil leak

Have held today.


I’ll start up the Oxford.

It’s about 25 mins from here.

Thence I start on the canals.

By tomorrow night, I should be back at the car.

Here’s a classic Thames scene….

6 Seconds.

Great to hear the bells.

One thought on “Days Lock to Kings Lock Oxford

  1. That’s what Mums are for…but it was great that a rocker cover gasket appeared….brilliant piece of luck. Bonnie will be quite sprightly by the time you get to the Oxford x

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