Between Nell Bridge and Tarver’s Lock

Between Nell Bridge and Tarver’s Lock

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Having a look at happenings since I last posted. Maybe 2-3 weeks ago.

I’ve decided to start making more youtube video’s, partly to pass the time, partly because there are some things which can only be expressed in video’s.

I noticed that when that guy pulled the machete on me a couple on months ago now. The police have still not got back to me on that. Useless.

Video never lies

Well, it does. Quite a lot in todays age of deepfake and photoshop manipulation.

My video’s never lie, is what I mean to say.

They are good and wholesome.

You can subscribe to my youtube channel here.

Premier rush

Is the Adobe software I am learning to use to edit and arrange video’s, titles and text.

I’ve done a lot of work with Adobe products over the years. I used to use the Dreamweaver and Photoshop pretty much all the working day back in the ‘naughties.

Since that career faded, I’ve not done much with them, but my Adobe account remains active and this Premiere Rush got good reviews as a starter video creation software for youtube, so why not give it a go? The full version is called Adobe Premiere.

So far, I’ve done a couple of videos. I’m kind of pleased as I am learning to do different things and achieve the effects that I want to, (if slowly), but it’s all coming along.

Chanterelles on the towpath

It is often, living along the canal, that you find forage-able goods, there to be gathered along the banks of the canal.

These chanterelles, I found on the side of the towpath between the canal and the river Cherwell near Nell Bridge Lock.

Chanterelle from the towpath
Chanterelle from the Towpath

It’s kind of big. It looks tasty. To me. I had some chanterelle mushrooms in the past. They were worthwhile.

In the past, Chanterelles I’ve dealt with have been quite small.

One thing I know about mushrooms is there are many different varieties.

Many, many different varieties. And unless you’re familiar and experienced, have researched and tried and tested, chances are you won’t be eating many of the mushrooms you find.

That’s if you go strictly ‘by the book’.

Gathering mushrooms

Perhaps the way I’ve done it is:

  • Research mushrooms you find (books, videos, websites)
  • Familiarise yourself with mushrooms that will kill you (don’t eat them)
  • If it smells bad, it is bad

Like so much food, it tends to be the gut instinct on whether you want to bother giving it a go.

These looked and smelled fine. In as much as they looked edible.

You can watch the video below and it will show you how wrong you can be. Don’t be put off. You might learn something from my mistakes!

Errors and omissions Excepted. 🤢🤮

YouTube player

So yeah.

As you may have gathered, I’m still alive! 😂🤣

But if you watch the video, it does give a view about gathering mushrooms in this particular way and if it’s going to be something which could be worthwhile for you.

Other dramas

Apart from gathering mushrooms and fiddling around on youtube, life has been grinding on as normal.

Work, sleep, eat.

Duck drama

One thing I do notice on the canal is the substantial reduction in the number of ducks.

You may think I’m kidding, but there is not a duck out there when I open the curtains in the morning.

Not one. To be seen.

Not only that, they don’t tour up and down the place, trying to get food off boaters in the way they used to.

Since I’ve been here at Nell Bridge, I’ve not seen a single quacking beast.

Whether this is because they are being shot or whatever, I don’t know.

Here’s a picture of a duck, in case you’ve forgotten what they look like.



3 Fat Ducks - Cowley Lock - Grand Union
3 Fat Ducks – Cowley Lock – Grand Union

There, that’s more like it!

Just the fact that there aren’t many around here. At my last stop, I saw maybe 3, twice in 3 weeks (the same 3).

Twyford, the stop previous, I saw none. Literally none. Same here at Nell Bridge. 6 in three weeks x 3.

All in all, one lot of 3 ducks in 9 weeks. Seriously.

Duck free zone.

Here’s some picture from the past few weeks

Until next time!

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