BrainWashing in the UK

BrainWashing in the UK

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On returning to England after spending 1 month in China/Poland, the amount of Brainwashing by the UK media, particularly Channel 4 News, is alarming.

It seems the news is a 60-40 mix of actual news and stories to wash the status quo or ‘current thinking’ over our work weary brains.

Take Gordon Brown.
Who really gives a fuck about Gordon Brown or what Gordon Brown is doing?

The Media?

Anyone else???

Anti Muslim
Like John Reid’s warning parents to look out for Anti-Muslim bullying in schools.
These people are running wild on our streets blowing people up, buses, trains and shoes. Anything they can get their hands on.

Is this shit I really wanting filtering through my synapses?

As a conscious human being I take exception.

No Lefty
Don’t think I’ve been watching lefty channels either, I spent most of my time watching CNN and BBC World service whilst away.

As an adult I’m capable of taking in information and forming a viewpoint then not telling anyone else what it is.

Washer Woman

2 thoughts on “BrainWashing in the UK

  1. I can’t disagree. I recall listening to the Today programme during the first ever elections to find a mayor of London. I guess there was some national interest – first actively political role of a mayor and all that.

    But this went on day after day, hour after hour, even when people were flooding the BBC with complaints. Just why was a local, allbeit London-local, story given so much coverage?

    Answer, because the media was feeding itself.

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