Bye bye Northamptonshire

Bye bye Northamptonshire

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It was my home for 3 or so years. The time has come to move-on.

Here’s some visual highlights from my time on the Grand Union from Milton Keynes upward.

Bonny Journey .2

Seeing as now I am work-less. I’ve decided it’s time to explore some more of the UK waterways.

Travelling around doing B&B on the bike was SO expensive. I must have spent £70-£100 each day on sleeping and eating alone.

This boat business is just going to cost me derv. All the rest will be coming from Aldi! Bonnie Journey .2 bring it on!

Norton Junction to Stockton Locks

This was only half a route. For some reason, Viewranger deleted the one I paused for lunch in Braunston.


The weather is going to be bad all day.

For this reason, I think I’m just going to tackle the locks and leave it at that.

Here’s some pictures from the day.

2 thoughts on “Bye bye Northamptonshire

  1. As usual, some really nice images. I know, I know …. but I’ll say it anyway.
    Why not create a calendar for 2021 ( “Life on the cut”) and have it on show for people to buy for a (smallish) profit?
    Happy to underwrite such a scheme 🙂

  2. some wonderful pictures, Mike, Peter is absolutely correct….they would make a wonderful calendar.

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