Bonny not Journey

Bonny not Journey

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Storm force winds and wind and rain for the next seven days have put paid to the 0.2 version of this journey.

It’s not going to happen. Certainly not in a round-a-bout the UK waterways way.

Metoffice & BBC weather

After hearing the longer term radio forecast in the evening, I started to get the idea that the weather might not be that good… I re-checked the Metoffice whilst taking my evening walk. 7-day forecast. It was indeed rain and dark clouds. ‘Storm’ conditions according to the radio.

Not what I signed up for.

Maybe another time….

Now, I’m heading back toward the Oxford canal, and back up the Grand Union, as per my original plan.

Nelson's Wharf - Stockton
Nelson’s Wharf – Stockton
Better out than in

I’m just going to go to a new section of canal, so, more about the journey there.

No holiday.

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