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VOD: World’s most Talented

VOD: World’s most Talented


How is it you know you’ve got a talent for something?

Does it mean when you’re a kid, the other kids are going to pick on you and single you out as a nerd?

This girl Nicole Frýbortová clearly has talent. She’s an ‘artistic cyclist’.

This video is a joy to watch. Not exactly a mainstream skill though….

nicole frybortova
Discovering a talent at an early age.


Han Jiaying, a Chinese 5 year old discovered that she could put animals to sleep after someone brought a frog to her Kindergarten, (animal not French person), and she proceeded to put it to sleep by whispering to it.

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VOD: Chinese virgin-boy-pee eggs + 4yr old black girl experiences racism

VOD: Chinese virgin-boy-pee eggs + 4yr old black girl experiences racism

Chinese virgin-boy-pee eggs

Had you ever thought of having your young son pee in a pot, boiling up eggs in it, then offering it to strangers?


Well don’t take offense, it’s just the Chinese way…..

Chinese virgin-boy-pee eggs
Chinese virgin-boy-pee eggs

I’m going take note the Chinese symbols on those signs and make sure I AVOID them at all costs in the future.

4yr old black girl experiences racism

Well, the US today is a changing place.

They say a Black life in the States has no value.

This little girl is upset because no-one wants to be her friend.

4yr old black girl experiences racism
4yr old black girl experiences racism
VOD: London rick-shall charges £10 per minute + Do me bike

VOD: London rick-shall charges £10 per minute + Do me bike

Today’s video goodness. From Liveleak – We have….

Rick-shall rider charges passengers £10 per minute

Taking a ride from Marble Arch to Oxford Circus, the film gets started around 1 minute through when the cabby gets out and starts questioning the guy.

I can’t work out what nationality he is.

Keeps referring to the ‘price list on the back’, he asks Police to help – as he only received £103 for his 10 minute journey.

Has to be seen to be believed.

Rickshall rider charges £206
“Check my prices squire…”

Do me Bike

A fine example of the application of modern thinking to create solutions for the modern age.

The faster you go, the better it gets.

Come ride the 'Do me' bike...
1885: The aerial bicycle was devised by American inventor S T Hachenberger, to utilize the newly erected telephone poles and wires for transportation. The vehicle was equipped with a small electric motor and was suspended from from a cable running parallel to the telephone wires. Used on a trial track, the idea was soon abandoned. (Photo by Three Lions/Getty Images)
Video’s of the day

Video’s of the day

Fresh from the goodness of Liveleak, I’ve decided to bring you a selection of today’s most interesting digest.

Woman arrested and criminally detained after being assaulted by Court Marshall (US).

Whilst the judge completely ignores the woman, and the Marshall and police create fictitious legal charges, she’s detained and arrested.

Court Marshall assaults woman
Court Marshall and Judge plus police officer conspire against black woman.

The Kepler Mission Confirms First Near-Earth-size planet in the “habitable zone”

Interesting little tit-bit from the NASA Kepler Mission which has the job of looking for the next best place to live for the good-old human race.

In the Deneb constellation.

Kepler Mission
The Kepler Mission Confirms First Near-Earth-size planet
Positive effects of non-psychotropic cannabis

Positive effects of non-psychotropic cannabis

Evidence is growing about the world’s new wonder medicine, cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychotropic elements of the cannabis plant.

I watched this video on Live Leak which seemed to suggest the same thing, ie. that the medical benefits derived from the fibers of the plant outweigh the risks of it’s psychotropic side-effects.

The use of cannabis to treat the effects of bone and arthritic conditions is well known.

New research adds new evidence to the use of the plant for the treatment and prevention of other ailments and disorders.

Article and video.

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