China Visa in Hong Kong

China Visa in Hong Kong

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After filling in the app. yesterday, queing up and submitting it, it was refused due to the lack of photograph and the non-chinese medical.

90 Day L Visa
90 Day L

Sunrise Visa Agency

Better than re-queiing after the lunch break, I decided to visit the Sunrise Visa Agency which is located in the same building.
This clarified a few things for me:

  • That my documents were wrong: Unless you happen to be able to read Madarin, you wouldn’t have spotted the fact that the 2 documents required for the agency, (invitation letter, experts certificate), were not matching.
  • That the Visa agency would not issue me with a Visa from China without a medical from China.

After chatting to the bloke at the Sunrise Visa Agency, I saw the queue was huge, and decided to take him up on his offer to do a 90 day tourist visa for the same price as a 30 day.

I got the Visa within 1 day and have no complaints about the service.

It’s a 90 day single entry Visa.

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