Chistchurch Notaries

Chistchurch Notaries

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Christchurch was established by a number of notaries setting up the church, council and attracting settlers to the new lifestyle.

Robert GodleyRobert Godley
Known as the “Founder of Canterbury”.
Educated at Harrow, and later Christ College, Oxford, Godley used travel experience in America and Ireland to encourage and develop those administrative and industrial aspects which would work for New Zealand.

Benjamin MountfortBenjamin Mountfort
Responsible for Christchurch’s notable Gothic style, which can be seen throughout the Civic, educational and religious buildings which make up the historical backbone of the city.
Benjamin Mountfort arrived on one of the first 4 founding ships and was party to the colonial settlement plans which led to the development of Christchurch.

Kate SheppardKate Sheppard
Christchurch born, Kate Sheppard here pictured on the $10 note is responsible for making New Zealand the first country in the world to give women equal rights in 1893.

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