Convert Garmin GPS track to Google map Polyline

Convert Garmin GPS track to Google map Polyline

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Brief: To download a GPS Track and points from a Garmin GPS unit and create a Googlemaps Polyline/Encoded Polyline.

The process is straightforward if you follow the following steps:

1) Download from GPS.
2) Convert files to csv format.
2) Convert csv to Polyline.

Garmin EtreX GPS unit.
Serial port adapter.

1) Download from GPS.
Software: OziExplorer.

Visit and download OziExplorer software.

Connect GPS unit to desktops’ serial port. Ensure GPS Setup/Interface is set GARMIN.

From the OziExplorer Trial version.

  • File/Load from File/Load Map File/
  • Garmin/Get Track from GPS

Once the waypoints are downloaded.

  • Save/Save to File/Save Track to File

2) Convert to CSV
Software: GPS BABEL

Set the following:

  • Type of GPS data you want to convert: TRACK
  • Input file format: OziExplorer[W][T][R]
  • Output format: Comma seperated values [W]

Upload your file.

The conversion will display as a web page. You will need to save this as a csv.

  • Open Notepad
  • View source – CTRL+A/CTRL+C/CTRL+V from Webpage to Notepad.
  • File/Save As

3) Create Polyline
Software: GPS Visualiser

  • Make a Map: Google Map
  • File #1: Select the file you have just converted.
  • Force points to be this type: Trackpoints

Draw the Map.

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