Day 30: Pisang to Manang

Day 30: Pisang to Manang

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Another day of unspoilt views and un-interupted walking, as far as the walking took me, which yesterday was to Manang. The end of the road.

From here it’s up to the Tharong La pass.


Is a shopping meca in Himalayan terms. They seem to have used many years of trading with the passing traveller to build up a repertoire based on the hiking type.

Shame they couldn’t include the internet.

To say Manang had internet would be generous. If you came here thinking you’d be getting on the internet, you’d get a surprise.

It’s like the internet used to be in 1998. Shit speeds and always dropping out.

Still… The hotel was surprisingly warm. And I managed to fire a couple of postcards off from the High Himalayan style PO.

Woke after a sound nights sleep. Fiddled with the internet for 2 hours plus trying to get maps and other things to work.

Not going to bother with the images today. Suffice to say; I am alive and moving.

Now will be getting on my way.

2 thoughts on “Day 30: Pisang to Manang

  1. Got the postcard already !!!
    Both of us much pleased to receive – thanks.
    I will be meeting you at Heathrow on 17th.

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