Duck corner – Stoke Golding – Ashby Canal

Duck corner – Stoke Golding – Ashby Canal

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As they call it.

This is the place of many ducks, which should come as no shock to those familiar with the Ashby canal, which seems to be a ‘duck utopia’.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a gun, or I might be tempted to pop a couple off.

Duck corner picnic spot Dadlington
A world of ducks…

I’m sure they wouldn’t miss one or two of each other.

They were running around in the field today in the rain when I went down the shops. They had muddy flippers and were getting bogged down…

I believe they get a lot of bread and this may be a good space for fishing, (when I get round to it).

Bonnie Lady with Stoke Golding in the background.
Bonnie Lady with the village in the Background

This spot is about 1 mile from where I was previously.

I prefer it as there are no overhanging trees/hedges as before.

Overhanging trees (hedges):-

  • Block the solar panels
  • Drop leaves on the boat (ruins paintwork)
  • Stop the stove from functioning properly (downdraft/lack of wind)

Apart from that, they’re all fine and dandy. They do make the boat a bit cold and dank. If you like cold and dank, then the woods are for you.

Personally, I’m glad I moved on.

Here’s a view from Bridge 22, where I was moored previously.

Bridge 22 Ashby Canal
Bridge 22, Ashby Canal. I was down the bottom on the right.

Mushroom party!

Whilst I was there, I came upon these mushrooms nestling in the hedge.

Sweetbread mushroom
Sweetbread mushroom
Fried Sweetbread mushroom
Fried Sweetbread mushroom sandwich

Not sure if it’s quite the species that I specified, but it seems pretty similar…

Tasted pretty good, not great, but pretty good.

I’m not dead yet. It’s more than a week on 😀 I get the impression that identifying mushroom species is by no means an exact science.

The best thing to do is pick them up have a look and smell at them. There are apps nowadays you can have on your phone to help you identify them. If you’re happy that it’s something that you recognise, or recognise as not poisonous and fancy your sense of adventure, like I do, you can cook it up and see how it tastes!

Here’s some mushrooms I made into a curry last year!


Here’s a couple of pictures from the last 14 days.

St. Margarete
St. Margaret’s church – Stoke Golding
What a fine vehicle..

2 thoughts on “Duck corner – Stoke Golding – Ashby Canal

  1. Yummy. Ashby seems tranquil. Trees are beautiful but as you say messy in the autumn and cast shadows, keep the sun off (what little sun there is) so nice open space is good. Tomorrow should be a little better than today but then grim for the weekend. xx

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