Edinburgh – Accommodation

Edinburgh – Accommodation

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I am staying on St. Johns Hill, off Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

Edinburgh for those that don’t know, is Scotlands’ capital city. If you didn’t, this will become apparent when you try to find accommodation.

After exhaustive research I plumped for this place EURO Hostel. £19 per night, my own room in unoccupied student campus.

The girl at check in made me a cup of coffee on check in and I settled in, had a look round and took a short walk to the pub.

The first thing you notice is that the beer is all the same, they are the same brands you would expect to find in any old UK boozer.

Saw 6 piece instrumental playing in this pub called the Tass advertised as a traditional Scottish pub.

Went to a place called the Globe. They also had a live band, with drunken backpacker Karaoke opportunities.

Get the impression Live music is a big feature of Edinburgh nightlife around old town and George street is the main place for clubs and bars.

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