BMI Baby – East Midlands to Edinburgh

BMI Baby – East Midlands to Edinburgh

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This is the first time I have flown on the BMI baby.

It has that little logo which says people who read the Telegraph also like BMI baby.

These little cross-selling logo’s are pretty easy to come by and one shouldn’t usually pay too much attention to them, however, in this case the service lived up to the accolade.

The flight was better because

a) It was more organised

b) The staff were more interested

c) The seat had legroom

Plus with BMI baby, you pick your own seat, a simple but significant technology.

As part of the online booking, you must maneuver your baby through the rows and aisles and place him on an empty seat. If you don’t like him there, grab the little blighter and move him somewhere else.

Where the baby sits the baby stays.

On boarding just find the seat.

Hands together for BMI baby.

No wonder the load factor on their planes is higher than anyone else’s.

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