Public Transport to EMA East Midlands Airport

Public Transport to EMA East Midlands Airport

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While I remember there are drawbacks with local communications to and from the East Midlands Airport.

If you are using public transport to get to the airport, you have the following options:

OPTION 1) Take a train to Long Eaton or Loughborough station, Long Eaton is closer.

Take a bus, local service, stopping at East Midlands Airport.

Buses run at hourly intervals, the connection is a local service subject to delays etc.

Links: Traveline (buses), Trainline (trains)

OPTION 2) Take a train to Nottingham.

Take the Skylink service to East Midlands Airport.

Buses depart half hourly, connection is direct.

Links: Skylink (buses), Trainline (trains)

OPTION 3) National Express coach direct.

Links: National Express Website

I opted for option one which resulted in incurring a £15 taxi charge (£5 less than the flight itself) in order to get to the airport on time.

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