Edinburgh – Royal Mile

Edinburgh – Royal Mile

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Edinburgh Royal Mile runs from East to West for more or less one mile between the Scottish Parliament Buildings and Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle
The castle is surrounded by tourists. Queuing up would have taken about 45 minutes or more.
Decided not to bother.

Museum of Scotland
Half way down set back off the main drag is the National Scottish Museum of Scotland. Four floors of museum exhibitions and free entry.

20th Century, on the 4th floor was of particular interest. Scots chose their favourite items from the era; record players, nikes, bikes, cars, planes, specs, sellotape things you wouldn’t normally think about.
Had one with Tony Blair talking about his guitar.
I didn’t know he was a Scot.
Found this all very interesting.

New Scottish Parliament Buildings
The new Scottish Parliament buildings. Most confess these brought a smile to my face.

Scottish Parliament Buildings
Bits of hammers combine with authentic bolder and concrete to provide a prefab style with a post modern slant.

Could be a block of flats anywhere.

Watch for the boulders they have stuck on the side, these may fall off some time in the future onto pedestrians below, leading to lengthily and costly law suits. Never mind.

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